A network of well-knit chapters to learn, contribute and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow peers.

Gain New Insights & Perspectives

The CEO club provides a matchless peer-to-peer environment for interaction, sharing, and learning.

The club also conducts deep learning through round table discussions exclusively addressed to provide unique opportunities for personal, in-depth sharing of high-level expertise, new leadership perspectives and approaches while also organising annual retreats and educational courses.

Our Core Values


Integrity, fairness, and decency in all of our engagements.

Learning and Growth

For sharper insights and better perspectives for futureof work

Good Fellowship
A culture where everyone contributes and shares without hesitation.           
Personal & Corporate Well Being

Healthier Work-Life balance with continuous Knowledge, Learning & Sharing

Interact, Share & Learn

Inner Circle

Meet Our Superheros

I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful learning journey. The CEO Club has upskilled me on a lot of things and given me a better perspective. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow as a future leader. From the moment I started learning, I'm certain I've improved my skills as a leader and acted responsibly as one.

Shweta Jha
Assistant Vice President
Marketing & International Business
Learning from the Top Management has been great, and I've learned several things from them. The CEO Club has upskilled me on a lot of things, including Accounting, Leadership, Communication, Emotional Quotient and more. With the help of this program, my confidence in myself has risen significantly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow as a future leader.

Kajal Dhar
Function Leader
I am so grateful for this experience. My time as a member of the CEO Club has enabled me to build new skills as a leader, learn more about myself and my leadership style, add a new layer of depth to my professional network, and make lasting friendships that will continue throughout my career.

Nishtha Duseja
Assistant General Manager
Strategic Accounts
Being a part of the CEO Club is a blessing. I have learnt so much about myself and the many other aspects that make up a leader. I am a better leader and have gained greater insight into my customers, employees, and business.

Sanchit Nanda
Assistant Manager
I consider myself as being really lucky to have been selected as the member of the esteemed CEO Club. It has been such a rewarding journey with all these amazing people who are so supportive and encouraging. We were trained on some really important Life Skills.

Pritam Yadav
Assistant General Manager
Compliance & Documents
I always knew I could do great things, but the CEO Club has pushed me to believe that I can achieve even more. It has helped me learn more about leadership, business finances and many other skills which are required to run a business. The learning and upskilling have been a total game changer.

Ketan Virmani
General Manager
After months of training- wow! I felt like I had an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in my career. We were trained on some really important skills such as Self-Development, Communication, Teamwork and how to deal with uncertainty in life. I am proud to be a member of the esteemed CEO Club.

Rishabh Lakhotia
General Manager

Our members gather to learn, share and inspire each other, to aspire to be better versions of themselves TO GO-BEYOND

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