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Technical Assessments are used to evaluate and assess a candidate's technical knowledge based on different software and programming languages. These assessments help narrow down a pool of candidates by using assessments and metrics, leading to better talent hiring decisions, based on skills rather than just on a resume or an interview.

Technical assessments and pre-employment coding tests for developers are efficient tools to determine which candidates are qualified and which are not. They provide HRs and hiring managers with clear and concise candidate reports, and make it easy for them to shortlist the best candidates. These are logical assessments that employers can use to assess whether a candidate has a technical aptitude to excel in a specific role or not.

Use of Technical Tests

Technical tests generally measures candidate's hard skills and shows companies that are hiring if they have the suitable expertise for a certain technical job. A technical employment test is basically meant to analyze candidate's knowledge and hard skills. These assessments determine how well-versed candidates are in certain programming languages such as Python, SQL, Java, R, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, C#, Objective C, and Ruby.

At Wheebox these tests are measured using next generation assessment tools like Live Simulators, Compilers, IDE, Code-lets, and MCQ viz.

Full Stack Developer Test Level 1

Full Stack Developer Test Level 2

Software Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Big Data

3D Printing

They are used as a part of the recruitment or selection process and also for technical development to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable applicants for job or promotion. Many organizations choose to use this tool to give all candidates an equal opportunity for demonstrating their technological skills. Technical Assessments offer a fair way of comparing different people's technological & functional capabilities. These tests help make the hiring process quick, stress-free, bias-free, and error-free.

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Different Applications of Technical Assessments

Corporate Recruitment & Hiring

Job-Role-Based Hiring and Functional Profiles can be recruited based on these assessments as they assess & evaluate a candidate's functional & technical skills.


One can identify and determine technical skills and abilities with these assessments for college graduates and undergraduates as well.

Learning and Development

These assessments also help in the development of workforce by allowing trainers to build a talent pool based on the results of the test and train workforces for the apt technical skills and abilities learned during a course of time in the organization.


Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4 Title 5
HTML, CSS, Javascript Manual / Automation Testing AI/ML, Bigdata, Hadoop, Blockchain, IoT Quantum Computing NLP
Robotics AWS, Azure, IBM etc. SAP - All Modules MS-Office Networking
Database C, C++, Java, .Net, R, Python, PHP, LAMP Business Intelligence Tools Data Storage Tool Operating System
Virtualization and Networking Tools 3D Printing Application development and programming Devops Android / IOS
UI / UX VLSI / Embedded Technologies React / React Native All Others

All of these tests are multiple choice tests to be attempted in 25-30 minutes. Basic Level indicates that the tests are designed and recommended for candidates with 0-2 years of working experience. These tests assess candidates on domain knowledge.

How do the Wheebox Technical Assessments Help?

Wheebox Technical Assessments aid recruitment processes by ensuring that all candidates are treated fairly and measured against a common yardstick. It also helps to ensure a common language for assessment standards throughout an organization, match people to jobs, identify individual capabilities, and predict on-the-job performance. This leads to substantial gains for an organization in terms of increased output and efficiency, better quality staff, higher morale, more effective performance, lower training costs, and reduced turnover. The Wheebox Technical Assessments help:

Reduce Attrition Rate to less than 6%
Increase Employability Score to more than 60%
Improve Employee Engagement by 2X
Increase Turnaround Time by 45%

Why Wheebox?

Wheebox offers a highly customized and advanced platform to assess talents helping our customers screen and select the right brains with the right domain knowledge, complimenting organization's work processes. Over a decade, Wheebox has been offering a wide array of validated assessments for Technical & Functional Evaluations & Development for more than hundreds of companies globally. Wheebox offers:

  • Over 40K Questions across 800+ skills with varied difficulty levels
  • Content across IT, BFSI, MFG, AUTO, FMCG, RETAIL, and PHARMA

The examinations are certified by CERT-In (The National Agency for Cyber Security) for application security that helps educational organizations to identify and create cost-effective online examinations with higher accuracy, enabling them to conduct assessments by fulfilling all the requirements.

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