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It is rightly said that one size does not fit all, and this is completely applicable for assessments as well. Assessments are a powerful tool. If used right, they can help students move on the right path and companies assess its employees better & hire the best potential talents.

Personalized assessment is needed, especially when we assess skills. These personalized assessments provide a comparative study to a candidate about their areas of expertise and improvement, and provide an organization or an academic institution to judge a candidate well.
There are two reasons why customized assessments are required:

Customized assessments are designed as per the competency framework of an organization/academic institution

The report generation can also be customized and designed as per the need of an organization/academic institution


Incorporate content when building your exam

An Organization/University might not always require standard pre-decided content for their assessments, and might require something customized in accordance to criteria set by them. Content has to be matched to a company/institution's curricular approach. In this case, customized exams offer a fair way for the organization to evaluate a candidate in their own set parameters.

Use high-quality questions written by subject matter expert

Standard tests usually always have extremely common questions, be it in a behavioral aspect or aptitude-wise. Tests are customized to know in-depth information related to a candidate or how much knowledge do they retain in a particular subject.

We Are Always Open To Creative Ideas and To Be A Part Of Your Vision


Corporate Recruitment & Hiring

Customized assessments help recruit candidates that suit an organization the best as they focus on the particular characteristics a company is looking for in a candidate.

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Campus Hiring

Finding the right fits for the right job roles becomes easier with Wheebox's Customized Tests. One can identify and determine leadership skills, behavioral aspects, and Cognitive Abilities with these assessments.

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Learning and Development

These assessments also help in the development of workforce by allowing trainers to build a talent pool based on the results of the test and train workforces for the apt skills and abilities required by the organization.

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Semester-end and Entrance Exams

High difficulty-level questions can be inculcated into the standard exams to assess students for their learning. Also, each Academic Institution has its own set of questions related to particular subjects, prepared by subject matter experts, that they might want to ask in tests.

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There are three main areas that the tests explore: one's capabilities, aptitude for the job, and if their personality matches with the vision of the organization they are hoping to join. These tests are designed to evaluate intelligence, aptitude and personality. The two types of psychometric assessments at Wheebox are:

  • Cognitive Ability tests
  • Personality tests
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Technical and aptitude test

Technical Assessments are used to evaluate and assess a candidate's technical knowledge based on different software and programming languages. These assessments help narrow down a pool of candidates by using assessments and metrics, leading to better talent hiring decisions, based on skills rather than just on a resume or an interview.

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Combination of psychometric and technical assessment

These tests combine questions from both technical and psychometric fields of assessment. They assess a candidate for his/her domain-based knowledge, while also for their behaviors and mental capabilities.

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DIY Tests

These tests can be customized and designed as per a University/Company's requirements. Wheebox provides Customized Assessment Platform to suit your recruitment/exam needs. In these tests you can configure your own customized reports and use the supercharged AI features by integrating them into your own existing platforms/LMS applications.

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Wheebox Customized Assessments provide options for you to enhance your assessment experience and evaluation with additional analyses, graphics, and interpretative text discussing scores in relationship to your organization's particular goals and objectives.

The assessments come with complete reliability and validity. These tests help enable accurate decisions and additionally, they provide insights into a candidate's personality, knowledge, and abilities, helping in the development and assessing of a candidate.

  • Attrition Rate: 6%
  • Improvement in Employ- ability Score: 45.6 - 60%
  • Improvement in Employee Engagement: 2X
  • Improvement in Turnaround Time: 45% faster TAT


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